Pictures from 2008




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Camera Dizziness
Backcross: Brodie vs. Michael (with finish slide)
One foot mini-train: Farid and Brodie; Jun in the background(with finish slide)
Backcross: Brodie at the end of a run
Onefoot: Brodie(with finish slide)
Onefoot mini-train: Brodie and Farid(with finish slide and fall)
Onefoot train: Farid, Brodie and Alexi
Onefoot train: Farid, Brodie and Alexi; Cathy Evangelo in the background(with finish slide)
Train: Brodie, Alexi, Farid (sorta Mitch the Northeastern architecture student; on the skateboard)(with finish slide)
Caterpillar: Alexi and Brodie (double onefoot)(with finish slide)
Onefoot: Brodie(with finish slide)

Slides were an homage to Nicolas (Mr. Backwards Lobotomy on Toes ; with a finish of sweeping powerslide to back snowplow).

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