July 1, 2010 News

Hey Folks!

2009 and 2010 pics, videos will be posted in the week following the event this year. We do have them (and will have them).

New this year, we’ll be trying live streaming from the event. We should have enough battery life for 3x50min installments, anticipated to be at 12p, 2p and 4p. Look for the live streaming here: http://bambuser.com/channel/brodiehynes

If you’re in the area, please come on by and say hi!

A hearty thank you to the DCR and MA State Police.

Pictures posted; permissions pfixed

The pictures from 2008 by Brodie have been posted to the site. Those by others will be listed on the Contributed Media page.

Additionally, the pictures for the galleries from 2003-2005 were not visible. This has been resolved. All pictures and videos that have been uploaded should be visible.


Status update: June 5, 2008

No word from DCR on the permits yet. Will have to give them a call next week, as the application said there would be contact within 2 weeks of receipt of application. (and applications due 45 days before the event)

In the mean time, working on the site, t-shirts, and some practicing.


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